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2GHA-1000 Triple Gamma Tool


This tool is designed for use in uranium exploration projects. The probe measures three different types of gamma radiation, including NaI scintillation, high-flux (for high ore grades) ZP1320 G-M, and ZP1200 G-M. This tool can be combined with the 2NUA-1000 for neutron-thermal-neutron measurement to estimate porosity (saturated zone) and moisture-content (un-saturated zone).

Length: 79.5 cm (31.3")
Diameter: 41 mm (1.63")
Weight:  5.0 Kg (11 lbs)
Pressure Rating:  20,685 kPa (3000 PSI)
Temperature:  -10 - 70C (14 - 158F)
Sensor (Detector):  2 Pairs G-M Tubes NaI Scintillation
Measurement Range:  1 - 100,000 CPS
Accuracy:  0.5%
Resolution:  0.02% Full Scale