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Multi-Frequency Monopole-Dipole Configuration

The new Multi-Frequency, Monopole-Dipole Full Waveform Sonic tool is compatible with MGX II Portable Digital Logging Systems and will operate on single or multiconductor wirelines. The standard probe includes transmitter - receiver spacings of 3 & 4 feet. Customers can order probes with different spacings (metric or english) and can combine it with natural gamma (2SSB-1000).

Diameter: 1.5 inches
Length: 105 inches (266 cm)
Weight: 20 lbs (9.09 Kg)
Transducer Freq: configurable,1-30KHz
Monopole-Dipole configurable
Sampling rate: configurable, 2 - 100 µSec
Stackable 1 - 16 trace
Up to 1024 samples/trace
Wave dynamic Range: 12 bits + 4 bits gain
Max. Temp. 158°F
Max: Pressure: 3000 PSI
Calibration Accuracy: 1%
Sensitivity: < 5 µSec/ft
Resolution: 1µSec/ft


Ability to record long wave train for Stonely wave analysis and the measurement of fracture aperature and permeabilty index.

The absolute value of the amplitude of the received waveform is measureable thus allowing for amplitude calibration.

Truly modular: other receiver and/or transmiter combinations possible up to 8 receivers and two transmitters.


  • Real-time color VDL plotting
  • User-defined waveform window (up to 100 mSec)
  • Full waveform analysis, including

    • first arrival repicking
    • waveform filtering
    • stand-off correction
    • mechanical property calculations
    • velocity analysis
    • trace coherence analysis
    • reflected tube-wave analysis
    • semblance processing
  • Individual waveform pair plotting

Sample color variable density log (VDL) with traces profiling transit time, p-wave amplitude, and tube-wave (permeability) amplitude.