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ELREC PRO Ten channel IP receiver for mineral exploration

Aegis Instruments is pleased to announce the ELREC PRO, its new ten channel IP receiver, featuring 20 chargeability windows and a graphic LCD display.

The following improvements have been introduced in this new receiver with respect to the previous ELREC 10 unit :


  • The size has been reduced by 4 cm in height : 31x 21x 21 cm
  • The power consumption has been reduced by a ratio of three, which means that with less batteries it is possible to have a longer autonomy.
  • As a result, the new system is 2.5 kg lighter than the ELREC 10, with a weight of 5.5 kg only.
  • The data (21 000 readings max.) are stored in flash memories not requiring any lithium battery for safeguard.
  • The new system is compatible with the existing SWITCH Plus boxes for automatic switching of electrodes according to preset sequences. In such a case, the receiver is used as a single channel unit ; with SWITCH Pro boxes (to be developed next), the full ten channel capability of the ELREC PRO will be usable for a higher acquisition speed.
  • Each new reading is stored as a specific unit file, making easier the grouping of readings corresponding to a given profile, specially for the last (edge) points of a line obtained with a smaller number of dipoles than the main part of the profile.
  • The data format is compatible with the PROSYS software, which means that the operator can easily visualize the numerical values of the data, automatically sort them according to the standard deviation of the chargeability measurement, merge two files stored under different names, introduce the elevation of each electrode, etc.
  • The ELECTRE II software can be used to define and upload preset sequences of measurements according to any type of electrode array.

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