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EM 38 Ground Conductivity Instrument


  • Useful for agricultural surveys measuring soil salinity.
  • Provides depths of exploration of 1.5 meters and 0.75 meters in the vertical and horizontal dipole modes respectively.
  • Provides rapid surveys with excellent leteral resolution.
  • Inphase component gives a measurement of the soil magnetic susceptibility.
  • Continuous or station-by-station measurements can be taken from a standing position.


Designed to be particularly useful for agricultural surveys measuring soil salinity, the EM 38 can cover large areas quickly without ground electrodes. Based on the same patented reduction principle as the EM 31, the EM 38 provides exploration depths of 1.5 meters and 0.75 meters in the vertical and horizontal dipole modes respectively.

Very lightweight and only one meter long, the EM 38 provides rapid surveys with excellent lateral resolution. Measurement is normally made by

placing this instrument on the ground and recording the meter reading. Digital meters are located on the top and side of the EM 38 for the horizontal and vertical dipole measurements. Continuous or station-by-station measurements can also be taken from a standing position using the optional carrying handle with trigger and cable for connection to the DL 720 data logger. In this mode of operation 3000 data points can easily be obtained in one hour.

The EM 38 has proven very useful in many geotechnical applications like archaeology where the inphase component provides a measurement of soil magnetic susceptibility.


Measured Quantities:


1: Apparent conductivity in millisiemens per meter (mS/m)

2: Inphase ratio of the secondary to primary magnetic field in parts per thousand (ppt)

Measuring Ranges: Conductivity: +100, 1000mS/m
Inphase: +2.9, 29ppt


Instrument: 2.5kg
Shipping: 9kg
Primary Field Source: Self-contained dipole transmitter
Sensor: Self-contained dipole receiver
Intercoil Spacing: 1 meter
Operating Frequency: 14.6kHz
Power Supply: 9V Transistor Radio Battery (e.g. Mallory MN1604)
Measurement Precision: +0.1% of full scale deflection
Measurement Accuracy: 6% at 30mS/m
Noise Levels: 0.1 mS/m, 0.03ppt
Battery Life: 30 hours continuous for MN1604
Dimensions: 103 x 12 x 2.6cm

Standard Components

Instrument console, shipping case and instruction manual.