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EM61-HH Hand-Held Metal Detector


  • Time-domain metal detector that detects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Hand-held single receiver coil
  • Greater sensitivity to smaller targets at shallow depths
  • Can detect a single 200-liter drum at depths greater than 2 meters
  • Relatively insensitive to nearby cultural interferences such as fences, buildings and power lines


The EM61-HH Metal Detector is a 'hand-held' complement to the popular EM61 Metal detector, designed to provide grater sensitivity to smaller targets at shallow depths. And although the response to larger targets at depth is reduced, a single 200-liter (55 gal.) drum can still be detected at depths greater than 2 meters.

Data is collected from a single receiver coil at 2 time gates after transmitter turn-off. information from 2 gates provides for the discrimination of targets based on the response decay rate; the early time channel will detect both small and large targest with short and long decay rates respectively, while the late time channel will detect only larger targets with relatively long response decay.

Calculation of the decay apparent time constant, proportional to the ratio between early and late time signal response, allows for the identification of targets with similar physical characteristics such as material, size and shape.

With a narrower spatial focus than the standard EM61, the EM61-HH is relatively less sensitive to sources of potential interference. As a result, data can be collected in closer proximity to cultural features such as fences and buildings. Additionally, the narrower focus provides enhanced target resolution, and consequiently improves discrimination of multiple targest.

The EM61-HH can be operated with or without wheels. Without wheels, the system can be used in a sweep pattern in front of the operator. Alternatively, the coils can be placed in a small wheel assembly and pushed around the survey area. In either configuration, the smaller, more portable design offers improved access to areas of difficult terrain and dense vegetation.


Measured Quantities: Two channesl of secondary response in mV
EM Source: Air-cored coil, 20 cm diameter
Current Waveform: Bipolar rectangular current with 25% duty cycle
EM Sensor: Air-cored coil, 20 cm diameter
Measuring Ranges: 40,000 mV for low gain, 10,000 mV for high gain
Dynamic Range: 18 bits
Output Monitors: 4-line LCD with 16 characters per line, and audio tone
Data Storage: 18,700 records (ext. memory available)
Data Output: RS232 serial port
Power Supply: 12V rechargeable battery for 4 h continuous operation
Operating Weight: Backpack: 10 kg, Sensor Assembly: 2.8 kg (7.5 kg eith wheels)
Dimensions: Backpack: 60 x 30 x 10 cm, Sensor Assembly: 33 x 20 cm

Standard Components

Backpack, hand-held sensor, data logger, shipping case and instruction manual.