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GCM-2 Hand-Held Conductivity Meter


  • Wide dynamic range from 10-1 to 105 S/m.
  • Digital and analog display readout with autoscaling.
  • Coil sensors for drill-core measurements.
  • Capability of galvanic measurements to supplement the induced measurements.
  • Corrects for magnetic effects of samples.
  • Memory for 10,000 readings.
  • RS-232 output.


The Model GCM-2 Hand-held Conductivity Meter is designed to measure the electromagnetic and galvanic conductivity of rock and drill-core samples.

Used to assist in interpretation of field data from electromagnetic surveys, its design and implementation results from research on the conductivity of real sulfide ores and rocks sponsored by the Australian Mineral Industry Research Association (AMIRA).


Controls: 6 key membrane keypad

Display Type: 2 line x 16 character LCD. Displays menus and readings in analog and digital form with frequency used.

Display Rate: Analog - 5 times per sec. Digital approximately once per second.

Sensitivity: Inductive mode - 0.1 Siemens / meter Galvanic mode - 1 ohm

Dynamic Range: Inductive mode - 10-1 to 105 S/m Galvanic mode - 1 to 105 ohms

Sensor Frequency: Inductive mode - 15.625kHz to 2MHz Galvanic mode - 15.625kHz

Sensor Type: Flat coil for planar measurements and test leads for galvanic measurements as standard. Optional air-cored coils specific to standard core sizes.

Response Time: Less than 1 second after zeroing has been performed (Zeroing takes 8 seconds).

Memory: 10,000 readings in a circular buffer.

Storage Interval: Continuous at 1, 2, 10, 20sec, 1min. 2min, or on command.

Data Output: RS-232 ASCII format giving sequence number, conductivity and frequency.

Baud Rate: Selectable 300 baud to 9600 baud.

Power Requirements: 4 x 1.5 Volt AA size alkaline batteries.

Battery Life: 6 hours continuous operation at 70mA. Low battery indicator and auto shutdown provided.

Temperature Range: Operating 0C to 50C Storage -40C to 70C

Relative Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non condensing)

Dimensions: 100mm x 180mm x 45mm with standard coil.

Weight: approx. 600gms.

Optional Sensor Coils: BQ-36.5mm, NQ-47.6mm, HQ-63.5mm, PQ-85.0mm, AQ- 27.0mm

Standard Components

GCM-2 hand-held conductivity meter, carrying case, and instructions manual.