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GSM-8 Proton Magnetometer


  • 1 gamma resolution and accuracy, 0.5 gamma optional.
  • Worldwide range.
  • High gradient tolerance
  • Excellent visibility of the display in any ambient light.
  • Display stays active between readings.
  • External trigger and digital output standard, analog output optional.
  • Rugged, all-metal construction.
  • No-lock indication.
  • Polarize indication.
  • Shoulder/belt-strap for easy carrying.
  • Sensor backpack for hands-free operation optional.
  • Nonmagnetic battery pack optional.
  • Custom modifications available.


The GSM-8 proton magnetometer is a lightweight one gamma proton precession magnetometer designed primarily for hand-held and base station operations, but adaptable for other earth magnetic field measurements like airborne/marine surveys, pipe and cable detection, tracking, etc.

The instrument's power consumption, size and weight have been minimized to make it one of the world's lightest and most compact one gamma proton precession magnetometers.

Rugged, wide temperature range liquid crystal display allows for easy reading in bright sunlight. The all metal construction ensures long life even in the roughest of field conditions.

Flexible design of electronics enables this magnetometer to have a wide selection of cycling speeds and other necessary features for almost universal earth field measurements. The complete self-test feature ensures reliable operation and early warning of instrument malfunction due to interferences such as excessive field gradient, electromagnetic radiation, or internal breakdown.


Operating Modes

Manual Push Button, new reading every 1.86 seconds, display active between readings

Cycling, push button initiated, 1.85 second period

Self-test cycle, push button controlled, 7 second period

Output: Visual: 5 digit lcm high Liquid Crystal Display, visible in any ambient light Digital: Multiplied precession frequency and gating pulse Analog: 0-99 gamma (optional)

Power Source.

Internal: 12V 0.75 Ah NiCd rechargeable battery, 3,000 readings from fully charged battery

External: 12-18V


Console: 15x 8x 15cm

Sensor: 14 x 7cm diameter

Staff: 175cm extended, 53cm collapsed or sectional 45cm each section

Resolution: 1 gamma or 0.5 gamma optional

Accuracy: + 1 gamma over operating range

Range: 20,000 - 100,000 gamma in 23 overlapping steps

Gradient Tolerance Up to 5000 gama/meter

External Trigger: Permits externally triggered cycling with periods longer than

1.85 seconds (cycling faster than once per second optional)

Power Requirements: 10-18V DC 8Ws per reading

Battery Charger Input: 120/220V

50/60Hz, Output 75mA DC constant current

Operating Temperature: -40 to +55 C

Weight: 2.7kg complete, 2.3kg in backpack mode

Standard Components

GSM-8 magnetometer console, batteries, carrying harness, sensor with cable, staff (collapsible or sectional), and instruction manual.