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Electromagnetic Systems

Geonics Brochure

Frequency Domain Conductivity Meters
  • EM 38 - Designed for agricultural surveys measuring soil salinity
  • EM31-MK2 - conductivity meter to 6m depth of investigation.
  • EM 34-3 - Fast, simple to operate, cost-effective instrument for the engineering geophysicist, geologist and hydrogeologist alike. The unit has been particularly successful for mapping deeper groundwater contaminant plumes and for groundwater exploration.

Frequency Domain VLF Electromagnetics

  • T-VLF - Three magnetic sensors measure the components of the VLF field. The sensor unit has two inclinometers to correct for tilt.
  • EM16 & EM16R Receivers, TX27 Transmitter - The unit measures the local tilt and ellipticity of VLF broadcasts, and resolves values into inphase and quadrature components of VLF response.
Frequency Domain Electromagnetic Systems
  • PROMIS - multi-frequency, multi-component EM system.
Time Domain - Metal Detectors
  • EM 61-HH Hand-Held Metal Detector - 'hand-held' complement to the popular EM61 Metal detector, designed to provide grater sensitivity to smaller targets at shallow depths.
  • EM61-MK2 -  time-domain metal detector that detects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • EM61S - see brochure for specifications.
Time Domain Electromagnetic System - Receiver
  • PROTEM Receiver - Protem receiver provides the ultimate in time domain capability. Used with a 3-component coil, mineral surveys are greatly accelerated

Different Transmitter Options

Different Receiver Coil Options

Borehole EM Receiver Probe Options

Borehole System Accessories