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Environmental, Engineering & Archaeology


EM 61 Metal Detector - time-domain metal detector that detects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

EM 61-HH Hand-Held Metal Detector - 'hand-held' complement to the popular EM61 Metal detector, designed to provide grater sensitivity to smaller targets at shallow depths.

EM 38 - Designed for agricultural surveys measuring soil salinity

EM 31 - The EM 31- MK2 is an updated version of the standard EM 31 with the data logger now incorporated into the control console.


GSM-19  Overhauser Version 6 - Upgraded, high sensitivity Overhauser magnetometer and gradiometer system, providing improved sensitivity and increased memory capacity. Core improvements include a new RISC microprocessor with a 32-bit internal address bus, memory expansion and a GPS engine with optional real-time and/or post processing differential correction

GSM-19T Proton Version 6 - Industry’s latest innovation in proton precession design - with many new technologies that deliver significant benefits for geophysical applications. The only system with fully built-in GPS....25% increase in sensitivity over v5.0 systems.

GSM-8 Proton - Lightweight one gamma proton precession magnetometer designed primarily for hand-held and base station operations, but adaptable for other earth magnetic field measurements like airborne/marine surveys, pipe and cable detection, tracking...

GSMP-30  Potassium - High sensitivity potassium magnetometer and gradiometer system, providing unmatched sensitivity and absolute accuracy, in addition to near zero orientation or heading error effect.

GSMP-20GS SuperGradiometer - Highest sensitivity total magnetic field measuring device ever developed....well over an order of magnitude more sensitive than any other gradiometer in existence developed in response to the United State Geological Survey's (USGS) requirement for an ultra-high sensitivity magnetic gradiometer. 

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)