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Easy Locator


GPR/Easy Locator Advantages

Ground Penetrating Radar designed to meet the needs of utility professionals 

The Easy Locator breaks many barriers in terms of ground penetrating radar systems on the market today. Very little experience is needed to run the system. With a simple user interface, only a few commands are required for you to begin scanning the ground for utilities at full walking speed. Easy Locators GPR technology complements standard electromagnetic techniques in the field, providing you with a cost effective total solution. It can detect all material types, both metallic and nonmetallic, including plastics, concrete, ceramics, asphalt composite and more. The data obtained in the field provides the user with the exact location of cables, pipes, duct banks, conduits, or depth to bedrock.
The interface with radargram and pipes and cables detected

With its low cost, Easy Locator is an indispensable tool for utility and construction work at urban and industrial sites, minimizing the risks of damage and project delays. The control unit of the Easy Locator supports two antennas for detecting utilities and other buried objects underground at various depths: Shallow and Mid. The system can also be adjusted to different soil types for maximum performance and has a backup on-screen cursor function for precise locating of an object. It operates with a dedicated, field rugged monitor with transreflective screen for maximum visibility in sunlight. It is easy to use and free upgrades are available through the Internet.


Shielded antennas for the Easy Locator, are as lightweight and compact as they can be to facilitate measurements in confined spaces. Easy Locators modular electronics may be used on one of two antennas allowing you to purchase one system with the capabilities of two. The Easy Locator can be used with two different antennas, "Shallow" and "Mid". The antennas are interchangeable, so the control unit will automatically calibrate to the antenna it is attached to, provided that they have been factory calibrated together prior to delivery.

The Monitor and the User Interface

The Monitor as well as the User Interface is designed for the utility locating industry. The monitor, designed to operate together with the Easy Locator features a 10.4" TFT-LCD, high brightness color screen, providing externally high visibility for outdoor use. It is weather resistant (IP 67) and can withstand rain, snow and dust. It is operated with combined turn-push button for controlling the program flow. When the button is turned different menu alternatives are highlighted. Depressing the knob performs the desired selection-it is that simple! The Interface features almost complete automation of settings whereby the operator provides minimal input to begin collecting data. It enables acquisition and filtering of radar data, together with visualization of previously measured radar profiles. The Interface operates in real time, in a similar fashion to radio frequency locators, in that it is quick to set up and that areas may be scanned rapidly and utilities marked without data storage. 

The Basic System of the Easy Locator includes: 
  • Control unit 
  • Mid antenna or Shallow antenna 
  • High brightness color Monitor 
  • Easy to use Interface 
  • Parallel data cable 
  • Lithium-Ion Battery 
  • Set of 4 wheels and axles with adjustable height 
  • Encoder kit 
  • Set of handle and shafts 
  • Battery box, Single pack 11,1V Li-Ion battery, 12Ah 
  • Holder for the monitor 
  • Power cables 
  • Battery charger 
  • Operator's manual 
Technical Specification
Power supply:     Li-ion 11,1V battery
Operating time: 5/10 h with single/double battery pack
Charge time: 5/10 h with single/double battery pack
Software:  Easy Vision (free upgrades through the Internet)
Operating temp: -10 to +50C or 15 to 120F
Environmental:  IP 67
Monitor:  IP 67, Transreflective 10,4 TFT, Shock tolerant
Antenna  Shallow  Mid
Normal depth penetration 3m/9  4m/12
Dim. with wheels (excl. handle)  67x47x18cm/ 26x19x7 67x47x18cm/ 26x19x7
Weight, complete  17 kg/ 38 lb  18 kg/ 40 lb