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Induced Polarization Systems Receivers


  • Elrec Pro - Newest IP system improving on the great performance of Elrec 10
  • Elrec 6 - Six dipole receiver offers up to twenty fully independent programmable windows which the operator can defined according to the way s/he wants to sample the IP decay curve. 
  • 250W Converter
  • VIP 3000/4000 - Light weight, providing high voltage (3000V) output, the VIP 3000/VIP 4000 are particularly convenient for IP surveys in high resistivity rugged areas and for deep resistivity soundings. 
  • VIP 5000 - Microprocessor driven for ease of operation and protection against misuse. All injection parameters (current, voltages, ...) are controlled. 
  • VIP 10000 - Can either be operated with a three phase, 45 to 800 Hz motor generator for maximum power supply or with a standard 220 V single phase motor generator for lower output power. This flexibility allows the operator to use a standard motor generator when maximum power is required or lighter motor generator that is easily available in most geographical areas when the output power required is lower. 
Motor Generator Software
  • Resix IP - RESIX IP is an interactive, graphically oriented, forward and inverse modeling program for interpreting induced polarization (IP) and resistivity sounding data in terms of a layered earth (1-D) model.
  • Resix IP2DI - RESIX IP2DI is a finite element forward and inverse modeling program that calculates the IP and resistivity responses of two-dimensional earth models.

Induced Polarization Accessories Aegis Instruments offers a range of accessories to complete your IP surveys, they include wire, georeels, speed winders and electrodes. All accessories obtained locally where possible. Contact us for details.