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Geo-Electric Intelligent Nodes

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Multi Electrode System

  • Automatic Imaging and Profiling System

  • Electrodes may be any combination of A, B, M, or N.

  • Maximum of 255 Electrode Nodes

  • Surface and Borehole Capability


The Intelligent Node System is compatible with the complete line of Syscal and Elrec T resistivity/IP meters. Both resistivity and induced polarization(IP) data may be acquired. The system consists of a switch box with battery, a cable with the electrode nodes, and PC software for design of the arrays and data presentation. A unique aspect of the Intelligent Node system is that a PC is not required in the field. The preprogrammed arrays are selected from the resistivity meter keypad.

Any combination of electrodes, up to 255, may be selected as a potential or current electrode(A, B, M, N). A typical cable will consist of ten nodes spaced at five or ten meter intervals. Multiple cables may be connected end to end up to the maximum of 255 nodes. At each node a wire lead is clipped from the node to the electrode. The nodes and cable are completely waterproof so that they may be used in boreholes as well as on the surface.

The software is preprogrammed for the following arrays: Pole-Pole; Dipole-Dipole; Pole-Dipole; Schlumberger Sounding; and Schlumberger Profiling. The operator may also design and store his own custom array, such as a square array, or equatorial array, and even these may then also be automatically filled and stepped in spacing through the software program. For Schlumberger type arrays there is a Roll Along capability.

In the field the resistivity meter is connected to the switch box and then to the node cable(s). A check of ground resistance may be made, as well as a check on correct node operation. The array is then selected and started. The operator may interrupt the sampling at any time to adjust the number of stacks or the transmitted voltage.

When all profiles have been collected the data is uploaded to the PC. The data files may then be exported to standard imaging software, or to Surfer. For display of the pseudosection. Multiple data files may be merged to create the full profile of interest.

Land Fill Monitoring System

The Intelligent Node system is also offered as a single unit with sixteen nodes. Each of these Multi-Node Units(MU) has the same capability as the standard Intelligent Node system, and up to sixteen MU units may be connected together to create a 255 node system. This approach is particularly useful for monitoring on a long term basis permanent installations such as sites of landfills, or mining heap leach pads.

These types of monitoring systems are very effective for early detection and location of leaks. Spills of as little as 20 gallons may be detected and the leak location mapped as accurately as a few meters. The electrodes are generally placed permanently and have been shown to have almost unlimited life spans.

The Multi-Node Units and the resistivity meter may be brought to the site for each monitoring period, or may be left on site and connected to a modem so that the entire system may be run remotely at whatever interval is scheduled. Daily monitoring in this mode can then be quite cost effective, and is of course the most effective approach for early warning of leaks.

  • Maximum Number of Nodes: 255

  • Maximum Number of Stored Arrays: 10

  • Maximum Number of Stored Readings: 4000

  • System Quality Check: Ground Resistance and Node Operation

  • Power Supply: 12V rechargeable battery to switch box

  • Dimensions: Node, 25 cm long x 4.0 cm dia. Switch Box, 8 x 16 x 6 cm

  • Weight: 10 Node Cable with 5 m separation, 9.5 kg. Switch Box, 0.6 kg

  • Operating Temperature Range: -20C to 70C

Standard Components

Switch box with battery, two 10 node cables with 5 m separation, software, data transfer cable, 20 electrodes with wire clips, manual.