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Syscal Kid


Shallow Resistivity Meter

SyscalKid.JPG (20078 bytes)Features:
  • Automatic ranging
  • Direct resistivity reading
  • Built in data logger
  • Field proof

The Syscal Kid is a very compact unit specially designed for shallow electrical surveys including:
  • Shallow ground resistivity
  • Archaeology surveys
  • Civil engineering
  • Geological mapping
The Syscal Kid offers the well-know reliability and measurement accuracy of the entire Syscal range of resistivity meters.

  • Transmitter Specifications
  • Automatic current setting
  • Accuracy: 1%
  • Maximum Output Current: up to 500mA
  • Max. Output Power: 25W
  • Max. Output Voltage: 200V (400V peak to peak)
  • Pulse Duration: 0.5s, 1s and 2s
  • Resistivity computation
  • Automatic ranging
  • SP compensation including linear drift
  • Digital stacking for noise reduction
  • Input Impedance: 22 Mohms
  • Input over voltage protection up to 200V
  • Input Voltage Range: -2.5V to +2.5V
  • Resistivity range: 0.001 to 100,000 Ohm meters
  • Resistivity precision: 1% typical
  • LCD display of 4 lines, 20 characters
  • Keypad: 6 functions keys
  • Dimensions: 23 x 18 x 12cm
  • Weight: 3.5kg, including battery
  • Power Supply: Internal 12V rechargeable battery, or external 12V
  • Operating Temp. Range: -10C to +50C
  • Internal rechargeable batter: 12V, 3Ah
  • Autonomy: 100 readings typical
  • Internal memory of 2000 readings with full readings: sp, voltage, current, resistivity
Standard Components

Syscal Kid console, instruction manual, data transfer cable and software.