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Aegis Instruments offers:

  • Geotechnical & Groundwater monitoring equipment
  • Radon & Thoron detection, 
  • Strong motion seismographs
  • Tilt meters & Tilt sensors
  • In situ measurement of water level, quality, flow rate. 
  • Recording, monitoring and alarm systems, manual, storage or telemetered
  • Full range of geophysical equipment and interpretation software:
    • Borehole, Ground, Airborne and Marine applications
    • Wide range of software for quality control of geophysical data, data processing, modeling and interpretation
    • Software packages for visualizing geophysical results in 2D or 3D in relation to geological information
  • Generators, wire, shipping boxes, porous pots, reel packs, winches, sourced locally where possible
  • Second hand equipment sourced on request
  • Extensive rental pool of geophysical equipment for hire 
  • Competitively priced satellite imagery: digital data and hardcopy 
  • Geological Field Supplies
  • Geophysical field survey accessories
Contact Aegis for details and availability.